Experience the benefits of essential oils




Essential oils are liquids that are extracted from plants including, but not limited to, the seeds, barks, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit. As we begin to understand the power of essential oils in holistic healthcare – it is of absolute necessity of obtaining pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Chemists can replicate, but it would be nearly impossible to recreate the oils in a laboratory. It’s like the difference in using real vanilla extract vs. imitation vanilla extract. 

Essential oils embody the regenerative, protective, and immune-strengthening properties of plants, bushes, and trees.  They can support our bodies in various ways:

By promoting relaxation                                  Support healthy immune function

Calm tension and nerves                                Promote healthy metabolism

Uplift mood                                                      Promote emotional health

Help reduce occasional upset stomach          Support muscle and joint function

Increase positive feelings                                Help decrease stress

Improve appearance of the skin                      Provide antioxidants

Repel insects                                                   Soothe occasional skin irritations

Essential oils have been around since the beginning of early civilizations. Egyptian papyri and Chinese manuscripts describe the medical use of aromatics used thousands of years ago. Additionally, there are references to aromatics, ointments and incenses in the Bible and Torah (such as frankincense, myrrh, rosemary etc.).

Ultimately, the only thing that affects change in the body is our brains! If we can stimulate the brain – we can affect change! The blood-brain barrier is a filtering mechanism between the circulating blood and the brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid. Some essential oils can cross through this barrier and directly interact with brain cells and impact the brain therapeutically and naturally! However, not all essential oils are able to cross over and yet they can still affect the brain through the sense of smell by activating the olfactory bulb in the brain’s limbic system. This system is a group of related structures in the brain that are responsible for processing emotion, memory, and smell. 

Essential oils, whether you use them topically, aromatically, or internally is just another NATURAL way to help support our bodies and enhance our lives!

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